Éclat Part 110

Avatar eclatcrew | September 5, 2023

Bandcamp is one of our favorite places to get samples, cause you're buying them directly from the artist who created them!

We've used Lullatone's Sample Sets in the past, but this one is simply too good to miss. It's 100 different drum loops, of all different genres, timbres, and textures, and it's just DELIGHTFUL.

This week, the challenge is to use one of the first 6 of these drum loops, PLUS any other sounds, samples, or effects that you like, to create a new track of ± 2 minutes long.

The names of the loops you can choose from:
01 - backscratcher
02 - baplo
03 - battletoms
04 - beadbox
05 - beginners beat
06 - bites

I know that it's very tempting to chop up the drum sounds and turn them into a whole new groove... BUT: This week our challenge to you is that you use at least one drum groove you chose AS IT IS, WITHOUT chopping it up and reworking it. You can use filters to change different parts of it, effects to move the drums around, but DON'T chop it!

You may add additional drums from another loop, and chop that up to add extra accents and so forth. The goal of the challenge is to work with the feel of the drums you've chosen, rather than change them significantly.

To download the sample pack, click the download link on the album above, or go to Lullatone on Bandcamp, click 'Buy Digital Album' and there you can either choose to download for free (enter 0 in the Enter Amount field, and then click the link that says 'Download To Your Computer' - or you can also donate something for their sounds if you'd like to. You can choose the quality of the samples you download - I suggest downloading in WAV to get the highest quality audio.

Upload your track here by 20:30 CEST, and then rejoin the Zoom call at 21:00 for the listening session to check out what everyone's made!

Remember: Rihanna's 'Umbrella' uses a Logic Drum Loop - in its entirety! - as the drums for her track. Using Loops isn't cheating, it's liberating!