Éclat: Part 12

Avatar eclatcrew | February 5, 2019

The Challenge:
To remix Catnapp's track 'No Cover'.

For this project, we downloaded the stems for this track from Metapop's Remix Competition #169.

148bpm, G minor
(Note that when you drag the files into Ableton, Warp mode may not be selected on the vocal track, meaning it may not line up with the rest of the track... go in and turn on Warp mode on the clip so that it behaves in the same way as the rest of the stems.)

Follow Catnapp on Facebook, listen on Soundcloud, and submit your remixes on Metapop if you want to be considered for the competition!


Going forward we're going to be using the Metapop platform more as a centre for conversation, sharing and collaboration! Sign up for an account at Metapop.com, and click here to join the Éclat Crew Group!


General tips for remixing from ill Factor:

Check out Catnapp's Sounds.com sound pack here:

Check out Catnapp's Ableton One Thing video here:

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