Éclat: Part 24

Avatar eclatcrew | July 23, 2019

In this challenge, we welcome our very first curator AKKAMIAU to set our challenge for us!

Audiovisual artist, experimental musician, performer, concept writer and art and music event manager and coordinator, resident in Berlin. Living and traveling throughout Europe and United States collecting experiences in art and music club subculture, she has been a member and coordinator of female: pressure network and festival Perspectives Berlin (2013, 2015), new media festival Multiplace, platform Czech it! and art crew Anymade Studio. 

As Akkamiau she has performed experimental audiovisual shows since 2006. Akkamiau regularly DJs at local techno events in Berlin, with focus on the emotional power of sound frequencies, presenting a strangely delicate mixture of experimental and dance music.

The Challenge:
To remix, morph, and twist stems from Akkamiau's track KRABAT into something new! Click here to download the stems from Wetransfer.

Please note that these files are provided under a Creative Commons BY-NC (Attribution + Noncommercial) - please credit Akkamiau alongside any use of your tracks.

For more of a challenge, some producers are also invited to participate in sample-recording using Akkamiau's own analog drum machine Vermona DRM1, and a Space Echo, to create some truly original and new sounds.

Try to make at least 50% of your track using these stems / sounds. You can use your own samples / synths for the rest.

ABLETON TIP: remember if you highlight all the stems in your browser and hold down the Command (Apple) / Ctrl (Windows) key when you drop them into your project, the stems will each drop into their own track.




Listen to more Akkamiau below. Connect with her on Facebook here, and check out more of her work on her website.

Catch her DJ set at Rituals / Suicide Club Berlin on 31/08/19.

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What do we mean when we talk about 'Stems'?


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