Éclat Part 33

This week we have another wonderful Guest Curator with us, Born In Flamez!

Shirking notions of identity, Born in Flamez subverts gender and genre with a panoply of influences somewhere in the nether regions between deconstructed club, lofi pop, grime, and classical music.

Today we're working with a set of stems from last year's collaboration with Modeselektor 'TBF'!

Download the stems for today's challenge from WeTransfer here.

Find Born in Flamez on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here's what we made!


For more ideas on how to work with stems, check out some tutorial videos below!

Advanced Sample Flipping with Andrew Huang
Creative ways of using Loops & Samples in your productions
Logic: Chop and Reinvent Loops in the EXS 24
Ableton: Making Vocal Chops
Ableton: Adjust Pitch in Simpler using Pitch Envelope
Drum Hacks from Maike Watson
How to make a Vocal Chop track
Ableton: Make your samples sustain in Sampler
Bwana: Creative Ways of using Vocals
Novation // Start Making – Techno
Bitwig: Creative Ways of Manipulating Audio
Ableton: Using Reslicing as a Creative Sampling Tool
Bwana: Sampling from Youtube
Logic: Sampling in Logic with “How to sample like Kanye West”
Ableton: 10 Tips To Help You Master Live’s Drum Rack
Bitwig: The Five Sample Challenge
Bitwig Studio 2 Drum Machine
Ableton: Isolate Vocals from a full track
Bitwig: Sampling with The Sampler / Slice to Drum Rack
Ableton: Beyond The One Bar Loop

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