Éclat: Part 36

Avatar eclatcrew | January 7, 2020

Happy New Year! It's 2020, and while chaos may be reigning in the world around us, at least we can still make music!

Today we're stepping back into the past, with the help of Re:Vive, an online sound archive that offers free sample packs of archival material.

From their website:
"The RE:VIVE Initiative brings together archives and artists to create new music out of and inspired by curated sets of archival material. We facilitate collaborative sessions and workshops around the world  and provide expertly curated “Sample Packs” of openly licensed archival material."

Today, inspired by Novation's found sound videos, we're going to be making tracks from the Re:Vive pack 'Around The House'. Choose at least 5 samples from the pack, and then add any other instruments or effects that you like to make today's track. For an extra challenge, try using only samples from the pack.

Remember that you can make sample packs like this in your own home! Just try using the recorder in your phone and collecting interesting sounds; whatever you make from them will then be 100% you!

Download the sample pack here.

Here's what we made:

Check out inspiration in the Novation Videos below for some ideas.