Éclat: Part 38

Avatar eclatcrew | February 4, 2020


Éclat: Part 38

Avatar eclatcrew | February 4, 2020

This week I could not be more thrilled to be sharing vocal samples from one of our very own producers! The incredibly talented Nathalie Capello (who you may recognise from November 2019's Éclat Crew showcase) and her collaborator Rose Lonergan have put together this stunning pack of 10 vocal samples for us to use.

Capello has been coming to Éclat for a while now, and released her first EP in December 2019. Based in Berlin and combining a love for disco, Italo, house, acid, techno into a DJ style that looks firmly to the rave, as a DJ Nathalie has a fresh and playful approach to spinning and selecting records. We can't wait to hear more releases from her!

Rose is a part time vocalist/songwriter from Dublin who also co-runs a sync agency representing artists and labels for music placements across the media sector. Her music has been featured on numerous adverts for brands such as Vauxhall Motors and Kate Hudson’s clothing line Fabletics. Her most recent work includes Nathalie's new EP “Diggin U” from Underground Quality where she features as a vocalist.

This week you can use these samples, plus ANY extra synths, samples or sounds that you want. Just make sure you credit Nathalie Capello or Rose Lonergan wherever you use these samples!

Download the samples from WeTransfer here.

Like Nathalie's Artist Page on Facebook here
Follow Rose on Instagram here

Check out Nathalie's latest release, also featuring Rose on vocals, here on Soundcloud! And buy it on vinyl here!


Here's what we made:


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