Éclat: Part 39

Avatar eclatcrew | February 18, 2020

We are super excited to be introducing our first Guest Curator for 2020, producer, Watergate-resident DJ and label owner Yulia Niko!

Russian-born DJ, producer, and label owner, Yulia Niko learned her trade in the clubs of her hometown before travelling the world spreading her minimal deep tech sound to the masses. Now based in Berlin and runs her own label, Libe Vibe and is resident DJ for Watergate.

Yulia has very kindly shared the stems for an unreleased track, 'Constant Conversation'. You can download the stems here. Challenge yourself to use ONLY the stems, plus any audio effects that you like, to make your own tracks!

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See Yulia's upcoming shows on RA here.

Here's what we made!