Éclat: Part 43

Avatar eclatcrew | April 14, 2020

Welcome to our third session of Éclat: Quarantine Edition!

This week y'all pitched in and helped with creating our very own Éclat Sample Pack! I hope you had fun exploring your space and discovering the interesting sounds that exist just within your own apartment. Thank you so much to everyone who sent us some sounds! It's an eclectic bunch of things, so I reckon we're going to come up with lots of tasty treats.

Download the samples from WeTransfer here!

The last few challenges have been using only the sample pack, so this time I'm gonna relax the rules a little and say you can use any sounds or instruments you like, as long as you try and use at least 5 sounds from the sample pack. Have fun!

For bonus points: Try finishing your arrangement by using the 'Arranging As A Subtractive Process' technique from the Ableton Making Music book. (This technique applies to just about any DAW, it isn't Ableton specific.) Also, check out the whole book online, there's lots of great gems and ideas in it for any producer to explore!

Here's what we made:


Here's how we run our remote challenges:

BETWEEN 20:30 and 21:00 CET email your finished track to eclatcrewberlin [at] gmail [dot] com. Make sure you put your producer name in the title!

All the tracks will be uploaded to our soundcloud straight away, on a playlist called 'Éclat: Part 43'.

When you email your track to me, you'll get an email back with the Zoom Meeting number to join us on a Zoom chat! From 21:00 until about 22:00, we'll have a hangout, introduce ourselves to each other, listen to the tracks and share feedback. (I'm not going to post the Zoom Number publicly, as I want this hang to be just for folks who made tracks for the challenge, just like it would be IRL.)

For the sake of sound quality, we'll listen to the tracks on our own private computers and then chat after we've all had a chance to listen. For that reason, I suggest you make sure you have headphones so we don't have audio-crossover problems with your computer mics. Also, try installing an ad blocker on your browser so you don't have to listen to annoying Soundcloud ads between tracks.

If you need help using Zoom, check out these tips on getting started.

Please try to have your tracks to me as far before 21:00 as you can! That will save me from having to multitask and upload and chat all at the same time.

Here's some inspiration for using found sounds in your tracks.

Ninajirachi – Making textured drum layers using found sounds
How To Make Deep House (using found sounds)
How to Make HOUSE (using found sounds)
How to Make DRUM ‘N’ BASS (using found sounds)
How To Create & Process A Kick Drum From Any Sound
Novation // Start Making – House
Creating a Kick Drum from Scratch (Logic Pro X)
Novation // Start Making – Techno
One Thing: Kyoka – Exploring noise
Ableton: One Thing: Drum & Lace – Re-pitching field recordings
Ableton: Found Sound – Rural
Ableton: Creating Organic Rhythms With Found Sound

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