Éclat: Part 46

Avatar eclatcrew | May 26, 2020


And now for something completely different; this week we turn to The Muppets for our fortnightly dose of inspiration! This week our sample comes from this epic drum-battle between the great Harry Belafonte, and the undeniably greatest-drummer-of-all-time Animal.

Your challenge! All your drums and percussion should come from the sample. You can use any other sounds or synths that you like for the rest of the track.

Download the audio from WeTransfer here.

Here's what we made!


In keeping with today's theme, let's hear from fellow-puppet ReidStefan all about using Sidechain Compression to make your beat sound cleaner...

And, if you're using Ableton 10, have you ever tried out Drum Buss? Let's let this puppet tell you all about it.

And let's not leave Logic users out... here's some basics on how to make a beat in Logic.


Check out some non-puppet tips on programming your drums below!


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