Éclat: Part 47

Avatar eclatcrew | June 9, 2020

I could not be more excited about today's challenge! Many of you will have met Ohrkid at one of our past meetups or listening sessions.... well, they released their brand new track CHERRY JUICE, which they debuted back at our last Éclat Crew party in 2019, and tonight we get to remix that very same track!

Ohrkid (they/them) is a queer non binary alt-pop musician in Berlin. They released their debut EP, PDA, in 2018 and are currently releasing a bouquet of singles which includes Cherry Juice (feat. Cam Johnson).

Download the stems from WeTransfer here.

You can use the stems plus any other synths or samples that you like! In the spirit of a 'remix' though, try to retain some recognisable elements from the original track.

Listen to the original & buy on Bandcamp to support Ohrkid!

Here's what we made!



Read more about the making of 'Cherry Juice' from Ohrkid below...

Blush Wilson and I were in his room on Reichenberger Str. a couple years ago and felt like spitting out something new. I started pounding my fists on the table and snapping, making what I call a backyard beat (reminds me of middle school, playing around, jumprope, hop scotch). It reminded us of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl." Blush opened Ableton and started making this luscious production.

I buried my nose in my songbook and started writing; these lyrics were coming to me without hardly choosing them. I remember being so tickled as it poured out--period sex, specifically oral period sex. Blush turned to me at one point like, "this loop's sounding good, what you got?" And I was like, "I thiiiiiiink I just wrote a song about period sex LOL." Bless him, he was totally game. We finished writing the song together and we were having an absolute ball. Blush and I met in a clown class years ago, so our inner clowns love to play when we're songwriting.

A year or so later into the process, I thought, 'this track would actually sound really good with a rap.' I asked Blush, "but do we know any feminist rappers?" Immediately, our friend, Cam Johnson came to mind ("duh" moment). He sent back this gorgeous verse I'm obsessed with. Cam and his friend Stephen Niday added production for his verse and took a look at the rest of the arrangement; once we got everything where we wanted it, it was ready for mixing! Edgar Möller mixed it and did a bang up job. One of my favorite things about this track is that it's all drums, except that one Blush synth and vocals.

The one thing that HAUNTS me about this song is that right after I finished recording the vocals I realized I had wanted to rhyme "admit it, boy" with "my little toy" in the first verse, but I blanked on the recording day D: