Éclat: Part 50

Avatar eclatcrew | July 21, 2020

At our last Éclat, the wonderful Edi Fahlqvist took us for a Sound Walk around Mitte in Berlin to record our own samples! The evening was very sweet, the town was tourist-free, and we got to experience our environment in a whole new way.

Now we share the results of our excursion with you all! Download a folder of some of the audio we recorded from WeTransfer here, and chop, filter and edit them to your heart's content! You can use other synths or drums, but try to make as much of your track as you can from these sounds.

Want some inspiration for what you can do with found sounds? Check out some tutorials below!


Ninajirachi – Making textured drum layers using found sounds
How To Make Deep House (using found sounds)
How to Make HOUSE (using found sounds)
How to Make DRUM ‘N’ BASS (using found sounds)
How To Create & Process A Kick Drum From Any Sound
Novation // Start Making – House
Creating a Kick Drum from Scratch (Logic Pro X)
Novation // Start Making – Techno
One Thing: Kyoka – Exploring noise
Ableton: One Thing: Drum & Lace – Re-pitching field recordings
Ableton: Found Sound – Rural
Ableton: Creating Organic Rhythms With Found Sound

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