Éclat: Part 51

Avatar eclatcrew | August 18, 2020


Éclat: Part 51

Avatar eclatcrew | August 18, 2020

This is our first in-person Éclat Crew in nearly 6 months!

For those who can't be with us in person, we'd love it if you still participate online! We've truly loved running internationally-accessible sessions on Zoom, and we will certainly continue doing so at various intervals in the future. For now doing a hybrid IRL/Online version is somewhat beyond our technical capabilities, but we'd love it if you still participate in the challenges from wherever you are and keep sending us your tracks so we can include them on our Soundcloud.

This week's challenge comes to us courtesy of the Remix and Producers platform Metapop.com! We're working with the stems from LA based electropop artist MNDR's track 'Open'.

You can download the stems from us here, or from the Metapop page. If you want to join up to Metapop competition, you can go in the draw to win a bunch of AMAZING prizes as well - just set up an account and follow the instructions to upload the track to their platform, and participate in the conversation.

FINALLY! As part of MNDR’s mission to support, nurture and build equity for female and non-gender conforming producers, MNDR's set up a female and gender-non-conforming producers group on facebook.  It's a safe space for female and non-gender-conforming producers to share tips, network and support each other's musical development. You’ll also get the chance to speak to MNDR who will be popping in every week during the competition to listen to your remixes, give feedback and answer your questions.  Feel free to head over to FB and join the group to meet more good folks!

Here's what we made:



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