Éclat: Part 56

Avatar eclatcrew | October 27, 2020

This week we welcome experimental musician and producer Ziúr as our Guest Curator for our remote workshop!

Ziúr produces music within such a scope, expansive, rich and diverse in texture. The sounds are simultaneously machinistic and deeply anthropomorphic, toying with mechanical isolation and the chaotic spectrum of human emotion. Unlike a soundtrack or score, there is no film to which one can turn to narrativize the music ... there is only evocative sounds reaching from each song towards the cybernetic sublime.

You can listen to Ziúr's latest release ATØ on Spotify here.

Ziúr has provided us with an exciting and eclectic mix of samples and found sounds for tonight's challenge! You can download the samples from WeTransfer here. You can use any other sounds that you like in addition to these samples.

Here's what we made!


In the interests of the health and safety of all our producers, we are moving our meet-ups exclusively online until further notice.

The event will run like this:

18:00: Join us on a Zoom call to meet, learn about the night’s challenge, and to meet Ziúr and hear about her musical journey, and the samples that she’s provided us with
18:30 - 20:30: Making Time! Everyone has two hours to make a track of up to 2 minutes long. The Zoom call will be kept open throughout, so you can reach out for help and assistance; we’ll be using the breakout rooms feature so that we can help you with your software remotely, if you have questions.
20:30: Time to send us your track! Email your track to eclatcrewberlin [at] gmail [dot] com so that I can collect all the tracks in one place
21:00: Listening time! Everyone rejoins the Zoom call, we reconnect and chat about the samples, and listen to the things we made.

If you would like to join us in the online meetup, please email us at eclatcrewberlin [at] gmail [dot] com to receive the link to the Zoom call. If you have any trouble joining us on Zoom, please email us at the address above and we'll do our best to help you!