Éclat: Part 66

Avatar eclatcrew | April 20, 2021

Éclat is now on Discord!
Join us here!

Discord is a pretty cool platform where people can hold audio hangs, stream, create discussion threads, and share content. We're going to be using it moving forward as a non-Facebook alternative for connecting our community together.

Of course, we're not alone on Discord; there are many other music-making communities there! One of them is 'Women*s Producer Group' from the UK!

This is how they introduce themselves:

"This group is a safer space open to women, non-binary and gender nonconforming folks who are interested in music and production."

Once a month this group runs a Sample Flip challenge, and we're going to use the sample they've chosen for our own challenge this week. If you like what you make, I highly recommend that you join their server and submit your track to the April Sample Challenge Entries channel! Deadline for submission is the 24th of April; the 3 favourite tracks of the group get showcased on the WPG social media channels.

We're following their rules, which are pretty straightforward: flip the sample in whatever way you like!! You can either use the sample within a full track or just experiment with creating a loop. You can use the whole thing, cut it down and only use a section, speed up, speed down, re-pitch. Anything goes, as long as it is incorporated in some way. You can use any other sounds or samples that you like.

You'll also see that we've got Natalie Capello's wonderful Éclat Signature Sample in the pack as well... the sneaky part of my mind thought it would be kind of cool to have a bunch of Éclat tracks show up in the WPG group with some little, not-so-subtle promo in there too. :) Feel free to use or not use as you like!

Download the sample from WeTransfer here.

Check out some tutorials on flipping samples below.

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