Éclat Part 83

Avatar eclatcrew | March 22, 2022

This week our challenge is brought to us by Blood Williams!

Blood Williams is a US born, Berlin based, music producer & visual artist. Blood Williams’ music creates an unhinged experience for the listener while remaining grounded in the impermanence of trends. Influenced by Pop & R&B as much as cutting edge Electronic Avant-Garde, Blood Williams strikes a unique balance of listenability & forward thinking synthesis.

Download our folder of samples straight from Blood Williams' library from WeTransfer now!

Because Blood Williams has given us SUCH an extensive library of sounds, presets and MIDI clips, our challenge this week is to ONLY use sounds from this sample pack.

You can listen to Blood Williams' debut EP on Bandcamp now, and keep an eye out for an EP of remixes coming out on the 1st of April!

Here's what we made: